Spring is in the air…

How do you feel when spring is in the air? I have to admit that I get really horny when I feel that spring is in the air. My name is Ramona and I have the pleasure of working here at https://charlotteaction.org/west-ham-escorts West Ham escorts. You know, this is the most difficult time of the year to keep my mind focused on the job here at West Ham escorts. I feel like my entire body is running away with me and like some sort of monster wants to take control.

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How do you feel when spring is approaching? One of the gents that I enjoy meeting here at West Ham escorts says that spring wind set his loins on fire. He feels like he wants to let in all hang out and never get out of bed. I know what he means by that burning feeling. When I feel those warm winds on my skin, I get really horny and feel like every fiber in my body wants to come out to play.

I was talking to one of my friends here at West Ham escorts the other day, and she told me that she is always busier in the spring time. When she is not working hard for the agency, she has her own sex toy website and she says that she sells more toys in the spring time. Apparently, a lot of ladies contact her and tell her that they are frustrated. They all would like her to recommend the best toy for spring and that has to be the rabbit as she says.

What makes us hornier in the spring time? I have this theory that all of that pollen which is released in the atmosphere makes us a lot hornier. It must contain a lot of plan hormones or something like that. Some people suffer hay fever in the spring but I suffer from being excessively horny instead. If you feel like that as well, I would recommend that you made an appointment with one of the girls here at West Ham escorts, we would be more than happy to sort you out if you know what I mean.

Do you have any plans for this spring? I have lots of plans for this spring but I think that many of the gents that I meet at West Ham escorts may change all of them. All of a sudden they seem to be more keen to spend more time with me. Yesterday was one of the busiest days when it came to outcalls in my life. I don’t think that I have ever made so many outcalls in one evening. Needless to say, all of them were really fun and I had a lot interesting stuff happen to me on my dates. I had a great time and I am sure that the gents that I met yesterday, will be coming back for more. That is not a problem for me, and I would like them to know that I am standing by.

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