Should I fight my gay urges?

I am not sure what is going in my life at the moment. There are times when I think that I am gay, and than there are times when I feel like all man if you know what I mean. It is not making my job for male London escorts any easier. I can certainly relate to the ladies, and there are days when I wonder if I spend too much time around women. A few of my colleagues at the male London escorts service that I am working are experiencing the same thing as me. Why is that?

It is like we have been given a bunch of female hormones or something like that. I have always felt like an ordinary heterosexual guy all my life, but I am afraid that I am leaning towards being gay at the moment. When I first started to feel like this, I spoke to another couple of the guys who work for our male London escort service and they seemed to be feeling the same way. Is it because we are spending so much time with women, and we feel more connected to them? Just like many other male London escorts, I can really relate to women.

The other day I was watching a movie with Mel Gibson. In the movie, he plays this advertising executive who can hear women’s thoughts. The funny thing is that I think that I can do the same thing sometimes. It is like they are speaking to me. As soon as lady opens the door, I feel that I can connect to her and almost hear what she is saying to me. I am not the only guy in London this is happening to. Many male London escorts feel the same way, and I am beginning to think that something is going on.

When I am not with the ladies, I do spend a lot of time with my colleagues at the male London escorts service that I work for. Looking at them, I am beginning to find the male body very attractive. The truth is that that many of the guys that I work with at the male London escorts service here in London, are very attractive. When I look at them, I can feel myself getting turned on. It is almost like I am a woman, and getting turned on in the same sort of way.

To be honest, I don’t know what I should do. Did I start out as gay, or am I becoming gay? They do say that men these days are becoming more feminine because we are absorbing female hormones in our diet. I am not sure that is true, but I do know that something is going on. Should I suppress my male gay urges? A couple of other male London escorts that I know have turned gay or become bisexual. I am not sure that I am going down the same route or not, but I have this funny feeling that I am. I love women, and I love being women, but have I picked some sort of health condition that cannot be explained.

Are men actually becoming more feminine and is this making them gay?

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