Your personal pleasure and service

A couple of years ago, lots of high street sex shops started to close down, and it looked like more and more sex shops were going to go online. Today things have changed a lot, and we are seeing the return of the sex shops to the high street. Of course, a lot of that has to do with Anne Summers and her chain of franchise shops. She has kind of cleaned up the sex shop idea and made it more professional.


When I first get into buying sex toys, I was embarrassed about doing so, and it was not really until I joined Arsenal escorts of when I realised it was really okay to play with sex toys. Most of the girls here at Arsenal escorts are really into sex toys, and seem to like to have fun with them. It did not take me very long to give me a pat on the back and say it is okay to have fun with sex toys. Of course, this was some time before I started my own sex toy blog.


My sex toy blog came about one night when I was let down by one of my dates at Arsenal escorts. He had arranged for a three hour date with me at the escort agency in Arsenal in London but failed to turn up as he was not very well. I sat in my chair and surfed the net for a couple of hours, and noticed that there were very few sex toy blogs aimed at women. It was all sell and sell some more, and I did not really agree with that. I became convinced that if you offer a personal service, and started a blog that cave positive information about sex toys, you could do really well.


That is how my sex toy blog was born, and eventually how I started my own sex toy business. I did not want to be this person who sort of worked in the shadows, so when I came up with my sex toy shop idea at Arsenal escorts, I wanted it to be different. There was no way that you would catch me selling cheap sex toys, and cheap lingerie. Eventually I found some business premises in London which gave me good passing trade, and I mainly focus on selling quality lingerie.


My sex toys were kept on a shelf unit in the shop, and displayed in a nice way. Eventually a lot of ladies started to ask me about them, and I referred them to my blog, but I also spoke to them about sex toys and that it was okay to use them. Now I only work part time at Arsenal escorts. The rest of the time I am busy running my sex shop. It has started to take over my life, and it seems that most ladies who use it, really do appreciate the personal service which I can offer them. It will not be long before I am a full time sex shop owner, or rather make that my own personal lingerie boutique.