What is sexual tension? Some say that sexual tension is what makes your relationship exciting.


I think that is partly true but I think that there are other things that can make your relationship exciting as well. I personally enjoy feeling relaxed around my lovers and I think that is just as important as creating sexual tension. If you do that in the wrong way. Things can quickly go wrong. One of the guys that I used to date at West Midland escorts was really into sexual tensions, but it sounds like a lot of his private girlfriends did not enjoy it as much.

I love to create a relaxed atmosphere here in my boudoir at West Midland escorts. It is not that hard to do and I think it works so much better. A lot of the gents who visit me are a bit anxious at first and I enjoy helping them to relax. Most of the first time guys are terrible and they don’t know if they are coming or going. We have a very strict no drink rule here at the agency, but I think that many of the new gents can do with a drink. It would help to relax and feel a bit better.

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Lots of the gents that I date at West Midland escorts are international businessmen. That means that they may have been at work all day before they come and see me at the agency. The first thing I do is to give them a nice back massage and chat to them a little bit. They are so tense and stressed that they really don’t know what to do with themselves. After a little while they start to relax and I can tell that they are feeling better about themselves. Once they leave here, they are often so relaxed that they are ready to go to sleep.

Gents who invite you to business functions tend to be tense as well. If it is a first time they really don’t know that to expect. Of course, we are going to be good girls and we appreciate that we are just there as arm candy. Most of the girls here at West Midland escorts are used to attending business function now. Once a guy has asked to attend his function, he often would like to meet up with us again. That is not a problem at all and we will always be discreet.

I think that a lot of gents who visit escorts worry that the girls they meet up with are not going to be discreet. That creates a lot of tension. I can quickly pick up on this problem and I just take some time to explain that it is in our interest to be discreet. After all, if we are not discreet, it is not very likely that we will get invited back again. Good dates are not about tension at all. They are about making people and gents feel relaxed. That makes for a much date and I know that all parties will enjoy themselves.





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