What about the last name in same sex marriages?

I am getting married to my female partner, and we have been discussing what surname we should use as a married couple. UK law is really flexible when it comes to surnames, and we can even choose to keep our own surnames. As we both work for London escorts, are in fact self-employed, we may just opt for keeping our own surnames, it would make life a lot easier and we would not have to change all of our employment records at London escorts. Getting married is not an easy thing at all, and it does not matter if you have a same sex partner. You still need to sit down and agree on what I call the rest of your life as I like to call it. We have both agreed that we would like to continue our escorts in London careers, and we are going to live in my apartment as it is a two bedroom apartment. My partner has this lovely one bedroom apartment in Greenwich which she bought thanks to London escorts, and we are going to rent that out to make some extra money on the side of London escorts.
We are not planning to have a family so in that respective we don’t have to worry about surnames at all. Instead we are going to spend our time travelling around the world, and we may even take a year off from London escorts and just travel. Both of us have worked for London escorts for some time, and it would be nice to take a longer break. We still enjoy our London escorts career and would not want to give up dating just that. I am looking forward to get married, and I think that in the future you will see more and more bisexual London escorts get married. People are less hung up about bisexuality then they just to be a couple of years ago, and it has helped us a lot to fit into society here in London. Our neighbours are a normal straight couple and we get on very well with them. It is nice and other reason why we are choosing to stay in my flat. After all, it is important to have really good neighbours and we love ours.
Do our neighbours know that we work for London escorts. Well, we have told the lady and she does not seem to mind at all. She is a very open minded Danish lady and we both like her a lot. Her husband is a lot less open minded about stuff like that, and we have decided not to tell him. As a matter of fact,w e left it up to the wife to say something, but she has decided not to tell say anything to her husband. She feels that it is not the right thing to do, and I really respect that. The nice thing is that we can talk to her about anything, and that is what makes living in this apartment block so special. No, to make life easier, we are going to keep our own surnames. I am not sure that you get such great tax breaks as a married couple anyway.

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