Sexual Identity An Obsession

I have been working for cheap escorts for about 5 years now. Since all of this talk about the LGBT community in London, I have noticed that many of the men I date at London escorts have become more obsessed about their sexual identity. Instead of just introducing themselves with just their name, they often mention that they are heterosexual when I meet them for the first time on a London escorts date. 


That is fine, but it has made me wonder why they are so hung up about their sexuality. Are all men I meet at London escorts hung up about their identity or sexualities? I would not say that all of them are hung up about sexuality. In general, it seems to be the more senior gents I meet at London escorts who are hung about it. They worry about giving a certain impression. I am personally totally relaxed about my own sexuality. 


I know that I am bisexual and that is no big deal, people are so sexually fluid in the modern world that being bisexual is totally accepted. As a matter of fact, I think that we have more bisexual girls working for our London escorts agency than ever before. A few years ago, you may have come across the odd girl bisexual girl at London escorts, but that has changed a lot. Some London escorts agencies even have more bisexual girls working for them than they have straight girls. It does not matter and I don’t it is a big deal at all. 

Why do we worry about our sexual identities? I think that men of a certain age, and by that I mean the senior men who enjoy dating London escorts, are more hung about their sexual nature than others. I spoke to one gentleman recently and he was worried that he was going to be fooledby a gay guy. To my surprise, he was worried that he would end up dating a transvestite at London escorts. Yes, there are some amazing transvestite escorts who are on the websites for elite London escorts agencies, but they will always say that they are transvestites. 


Do we worry too much? I think that older men worry too much about what other men think. If you enjoy the company of a transvestite man, there is no reason why you should not spend time in his company. It does not mean that he is your partner and that you are going to end up in bed with him. I always tell all of my London escorts clients to try to chill out about their own and other sexuality. It is not easy to do when you have had heterosexuality more or less drummed into you like so many of my senior gents have had during their early years. It is going to take a long time for changes to come through, but one day, I hope that the gents I date are going to be as open minded as us girls at London escorts.