My Personal and Lovely Experience with West Midland Escort Girls

My name is Tom. Once in a while when I’m not prowling the bars in downtown West Midland for women, I just booked a date at West Midland Escorts agency. I know it’s not the smartest thing to do these days, but I make good money. Plus, I can do without all the girlfriend hassles.

Last night I was in the mood to get laid; nothing special, I just wanted to hook up and get all down and naked with a redhead. Normally I’m more of a blonde type, the taller the better. But I was online and found a site that grabbed my attention. Her name is Roxy (so she says anyway). For a long time I had my regulars, but Roxy was featured on this site and has a video.

If you’ve seen all of the other sites out there, they usually have a bunch of fake photos. You know the kind, spread eagle shots and young women all wet. But when you get to watch a video of the woman you want who’s working in erotic escort services, it’s a no brainer right? Roxy is 5 foot 10 inches tall, right up my alley. Tall, lean and stacked in the tit department. She’s also super clean. A few months ago I hooked up with this sleazebag woman and I think she was all drugged up on something.

It’s okay if a woman is drunk but when they’re all doped out, that pretty much turns me off. Who needs to pay to get blown by some woman who can barely stand up? What I like is some intimate conversation first; you know, just some stuff about her and what she’s all about.

I’m not looking for an erotic escort services girlfriend. But for me, it really is nice when we get to know each other. Some girls just want to jump into bed without even giving her name; that’s too weird for me.

So I called Roxy and she’s actually pretty nice. Oh, and I almost forgot. Her voice is really sexy. We spoke on the phone for a while figuring out where to meet. Usually it’s in a public place like a busy store or mall. It’s important to me that they feel safe. Then I’ll usually get a room at Motel 6; it’s only like $50 and the rooms are pretty clean.

Don’t forget, you need to be careful if you’re looking for erotic escort services. Make sure you can talk with the women first and make sure that they’re real..

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