Marry an Ascot Escort I met online


Over the years, we all know how technologies fast changing. People never stop to discover how to make our life simpler. And since most of us are following trends, we also noticed how internet change people lives. It is not new to us that through the internet, we can connect people away from us and it is more convenient for us. One of the most used now is Social media, through it, we have a fast communication on our loved ones and even stranger. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr are just some of the example to it. Most people are now busy and focus their time with it. As years passed by many people become addicted to it, they are more focus through it than their issues in life. They don’t even realize that they have forgotten the people around them. The Internet is built for us to use positively, but it now becomes a cause of death for some people. People who spent too much time on social media experienced depression and anxiety, which they have compared the lives of other people instead of improving on their own. But there are some situations that their lives also has a good impact because of technologies. Just like we heard from different people that through internet they had found their true love, someone who cared and love them as they are. We heard about dating app, and it’s a matchmaker where people around the world have the chance of getting to know each other.

Well, in my life I never had any chance to be so attached by people around me, I am afraid and not comfortable. I am the type of guy that super shy and coward to admit feeling. And so far I had never been in love, and maybe I feel like it was a distraction to my school and career in life. I have seen how many couples have broken no matter how much they spend years with each other; I don’t feel like to assume a love that won’t last.

And so I have signed up on this dating app just for fun. But I never expected next that happened to my life. I have a friend request from Ascot, London. And when I visit her profile, she is so damn hot and beautiful. I have accepted her requests and so lucky that she messaged me right away. I feel so nervous and a the same time excited to response. Since that day, we always communicate every day and become too close. Our friendship grows that eventually, we develop feelings for each other. She also has said that she works as an Ascot escort fromĀ to finance her needs and studies. I admired her for that and had spoken to myself that after we both graduate, we go for marriage.

I am so sure about her, and the long wait is over, I move to Ascot, London England and marry my Ascot escort.

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