How to spot a gold digger

One of the girls that I used to date at London escorts, turned out to be a professional gold digger. I was really surprised as she seemed to be such a sweet girl and I had a really good feeling about her. It was not until, I had been dating her for a couple of months that I realised that something was wrong. By this time, we had decided to date out of the London escorts service that she worked for, and I guess that I should not have done that. It was really a silly thing to do.

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Charlotte was one of those London escorts who seemed to have a heart of gold and I loved spending time with her. She was extremely good looking but at the same time, she was not pushy neither. I find that a lot of escorts in London are very pushy these days, and it is almost like they are asking for nice gifts and presents. Charlotte was not like that so I spoiled her rotten. Of course, she was asking for things, but did it in such subtle way that I did not realise at all. She would just say that something was her favorite body lotion, or she liked a special brand of shoes.

I never picked up on that at all. It was not until we had been dating outside of London escorts for about four months, that I realised that I had spent thousands of pounds on her. I felt a bit sorry for her as she lived with two other girls in London and they seemed to be really crammed in. I did look at her designer hand bag once or twice, but she told me that she had picked it up in a second store. It seemed plausible to me, but in fact one of her previous “victims” had bought it for her.

It was clear that she had worked in a lot of different places. When I met her, she was working full time for London escorts, but a couple of months after we started to date, she started to work part time. She said that the agency had reduced her hours, and it was aorund this time we started to spend a lot of time together. We were dating outside of the agency, and she spent more time at my place than she did with the girls that she was sharing a flat with.

I don’t think that Charlotte had been found out before, and it all happened by accident. She had left her bag open in the living room one night, and I came across as I was going to work the next day. All of the contents had fallen out on the floor, and as I went to pick the all of the papers up, I came across her bank statements. This was not some poor girl from North London. Charlotte turned out to be a rather wealthy young lady with money in the bank and her own flat. I could not believed that I had been duped by a girl from a London escorts service, but I guess that I was not the only one. The thought of that made me feel a bit better about myself.

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