How to look After Your Sugar Daddy

I met my sugar daddy when I was still working for London escorts in We dated for rather a long time before getting together but we finally did. At the the time, I was just getting ready to hang up my stilettos and had done some training to become a florist, all I needed was some practical experience. Peter had just turned 50 when we met, and when I announced that I was kissing sexy lingerie on an every day basis goodbye, he asked if he could see me again as he rather liked me. Not problem, I said, and found myself living in a nice house in Belgravia.

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Many of the gents that I used to date at the London escorts service that I worked for, were at least a little bit older than me. When I moved in with Peter, I soon found at that he suffered from high blood pressure and few other health problems. A lot of it came from a rather unhealthy lifestyle and not having anybody to look after him. I decided to change all of that and make sure that my Peter stayed as healthy as possible.

Okay, Peter is that kind of guys who works hard and does not really priorities himself. Most of the guys that I met at London escorts were like that. If you like, dating London escorts is an outlet for them which kind of made me laugh when I realized that. Peter did not really have a lot of physical activity in his life but he soon found himself out walking with me in various London parks. As a matter of fact, I notice that he rather enjoyed and we soon found ourselves taking up mountain biking at weekends.

I also changed his diet. As I had managed to find myself a part time job at a florist not very far from our home, I had to be up and getting ready for work in the morning. It was not only a refreshing change from London escorts, but at the same time, it gave me an opportunity to give Peter breakfasts. Cooked breakfasts in a restaurant or sausage sandwiches at home were no longer what Peter was getting for breakfast. At first he was not too happy to tuck into muesli with fruit but all of that soon changed. Once he felt better, he realized that he had more energy and started to rather enjoy his lifestyle.

We also started to take holidays and that turned out to be a great thing for both of us. To our surprise we both discovered that we liked to travel and to play golf. Today, Peter looks and seems a lot younger than a lot of men his age. Sitting here on this golf club terrace watching him interact with his 14 year old golf loving daughter, I know that I invested in the right sugar daddy. Our daughter does not look a lot like me, but she is the spitting image of him. One thing is for sure, he never misses out on telling his friends how proud he is of his daughter, and at 66 year old, he is one of the “youngest” dads that I know.