A Dagenham Escort that gives light to my world



I am so happy when I finally meet the love of my life. Someone to make me feel like I am the lucky one in the world.  I am satisfied with her existence in my life, because of her, I feel so keen to face through all the challenges in life. It’s beautiful when we have someone to make us feel safe in this world. Finding comfort is wonderful. Perhaps, to feel in love is the most beautiful feeling, you have someone to make you feel happy when you are sad. Someone to support you, and give you everything big or small. Life is tough, but having someone with you will light your experience.


Many times I dream to have a big and happy family. A kind of experience I have not tried. I feel so sad about what happened to my family. When you see other people who are happy with their lives, together with their family made me realize that I was so needy of love and happiness. Sometimes I would ask God, “Why those simple things in life were denied on me?” I hated my life, the people and everything around me. I am so cynical and sometimes wish to die. Who would love to be alive when your surroundings are chaos? I was eight years old when my dad left us. We lived in New York City before, we rent a house and having a good life. They barely fight with each other. I don’t wake up each day, hearing hurtful words throwing at each other, slamming the door and screaming. I know that this won’t last. I cried every day about it; I always pray that our family won’t get broken. Until one day, my mom was rushed into the hospital, she was severely beaten, and dad disappears after that incident. My mom recovery was slow; she still had terrible memories she keeps on remembering. I have to go on with my life, I study hard and work for our living. We are out of the house because we can’t pay the rent anymore. We moved to Dagenham to live with a small house given by my auntie. And we were so grateful by that. Years passed, I graduated from college, but my mom’s illness gets worse. I was so down when the doctor said she needs surgery. The night of operation, I feel so anxious, I book a Dagenham escort  from https://charlotteaction.org/dagenham-escorts to accompany me. She is beautiful and did make me happy. We keep the communication; I am so positive in life when she comes. I slowly uplift our family and had my mother’s treatment.  It was A Dagenham Escort that gives light to my world


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